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If your eyes could love a pair of glasses, they’d be Felix Gray

That was our realization after clocking upwards of 12 hours a day barricaded by monitors conquering mountains of emails and spreadsheets.

Headaches, blurry vision, tired eyes, and trouble sleeping were the norm in a world where making mistakes wasn’t an option.

That’s when an eye doctor told us about Digital Eye Strain and recommended computer glasses.

The problem? Optical Lab quality lenses cost hundreds of dollars, and affordable options were poor quality, didn’t work, or both.

Woman sitting in front of a computer screen with Blue light and a punch coming out of it

Our eyes weren't meant to stare at screens

So we did something about it.

1. Buy poorly constructed, low-quality Blue Light Glasses or 

2. Visit your eye doctor for a swanky pair of $400 glasses. 

We chose option 3. Build a pair of glasses from the highest quality materials that actually work and sell them online for $95.

If  you struggle with Digital Eye Strain, here are your options.

1. Buy poorly constructed, low-quality Blue Light Glasses 

2. Visit your eye doctor for a swanky pair of $400 glasses. 

...We didn’t love these options and set out to create a better option.

3. Build a pair of glasses from the highest quality materials that actually work and sell them online for $95.

Close up of Blue light filtering glasses Roebling in Sazerac Crystal.


Made from Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate, our frames are hand-finished by the same manufacturer that produces the world’s top luxury eyewear brands. In short, acetate is the industry standard for high-end frames and you won’t find better quality anywhere. Acetate is a plant-based material that is durable, lightweight, flexible, hypoallergenic, and dissipates static electricity to keep your hair from sticking to it.

Lens Tech

Proprietary to Felix Gray, our lens tech utilizes an organic pigment naturally produced by the eye which we embed directly into a high-index 1.67x lens. We then apply a premium anti-reflective coating that eliminates 99% of glare and finish by putting each lens through a 4-step quality control process.


Storing your Felix Gray’s should be just as stylish and functional as your new favorite glasses. Your glasses will come with a custom hard case and lens cloth shipped in a sturdy, high gloss parcel specifically designed to cradle your precious cargo. Because we care so deeply about producing beautiful frames with industry leading materials, we put just as much emphasis on packaging.

Blue light glasses in a box
Various acetate colors

Three essential components

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Haro in Gold

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Our frames


"This collection of frames was designed to beat eye strain with style and comfort, inspired by people who were tired of the headaches and blurry vision office computers provoked."

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"Forget everything you think you know 
about glasses, because this brand is completely changing the game. Not only do Felix Gray glasses look great, but they go from work to play and back to work effortlessly. Of course, the lack of chronic headaches is also a perk."

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"Felix Gray offers an attractive 
option: stylish, high quality eyeglasses that effectively reduce eyestrain without looking like computer glasses, plus easy online ordering and affordable pricing."

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"Look smart, feel smart” Along with great style, Felix Gray embeds blue-light filters directly into the lenses and adds an antireflective coating."

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